Maria Ko

President & CEO

Ms. Ko is president, CEO, and founder of the multinational Mako Group. The Mako Group of companies provide services in international travel, trade, finance, education, real estate, “Ocean City”, event-planning and management, lifestyle and ocean development.

Ms. Ko is an MBA Stanford graduate, former commissioner of the Vancouver Economic Development Commission in charge of Asia-Pacific Affairs, and Chair of the 1997 Vancouver APEC Gala that included heads of state, senior ministers, business/community leaders and celebrities.

Ms. Ko has many years experience in research, marketing and developing the business operations of international luxury cruise ships. She has made great contributions towards a new and rising tourist industry that she conceived as ocean development. “Ocean City” and “Ocean Real Estate”, for example, are new patented business concepts first coined and introduced by her. Ms. Ko has been a guest speaker in many countries that have included China, India, Jordan, Dubai, U.K., U.S.A, and Canada.

Ms. Ko’s mission is to spread the knowledge, economic advantages, and lifestyle of international cruise ship tourism throughout the world and to help those port cities or regions with deep or ocean harbors to develop a sophisticated and prosperous economy by cultivating this new field of tourism.